Click & Collect – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Click & Collect?
Click & Collect is an alternative option to home delivery available to customers in the shopping cart. Click & Collect gives customers the choice to pick-up parcels from a collection point.

2. Can I use my existing freight provider with HUBBED Click & Collect
Yes. HUBBED is 100% carrier agnostic and can process parcels delivered by any carrier.

3. Do I need to update my fulfilment processes to offer Click & Collect
No, you do not have to change your existing fulfilment operations. Click & Collect simply updates the delivery address for a customers order to a HUBBED collection point.

4. What size parcels can HUBBED collection points accept?
The maximum acceptable parcel size is approximately 120cm cubic dimensions, adding together the length, width and height. Which is about the size limit of airline carry-on luggage. Maximum weight is 10kg. Please refer to our parcel guidelines.

5. How do I sign-up for HUBBED Click & Collect?
If you are on the following supported eCommerce platforms;  Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Neto.
You must sign-up for a HUBBED account to access the HUBBED collection point network. Shopify users must sign up for HUBBED Click & Collect directly from the Shopify app store

6. How much does HUBBED Click & Collect cost?
A monthly access fee of $49.95+gst AUD applies to Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Neto users to access the HUBBED collection point network and technology. Plus, a $2.00+gst AUD per parcel handling fee.

Shopify users pay $37.50 USD a month for access and $1.50 USD per parcel

7. Why is Shopify pricing different from other eCommerce platforms?
Shopify has a closed application environment for technology and billing requiring all store addons to be managed within the Shopify platform. Shopify pricing across all global markets is in USD. 

8. What is a network access fee?
This is a monthly fee to access the HUBBED Collection point network and the Click & Collect technology.

9.  What is included in the free trial offer?
Receive free network access for the first month as a new HUBBED Click & Collect retailer. The maximum discount is $49.95 AUD for Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Neto retailers and $37.50 USD for Shopify retailers. Parcel handling fees still apply.

10. What is a parcel handling fee?
This is a per parcel transaction fee to manage parcel storage, customer notifications (SMS & email) and collection from any HUBBED Click & Collect location

11. How are Click & Collect charges billed?
Your chosen credit card will be charged on the first day of your subscription month for network access fees. Parcel handling fee charges will be billed weekly, on a Monday. 

12. How do I activate HUBBED Click & Collect on my website?
HUBBED has built a number of free Click & Collect applications to make it easy for retailers to offer Click & Collect. Current supported eCommerce platforms include WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Neto and BigCommerce.

Visit to review the steps involved to install Click & Collect on your website.

13. Does HUBBED Click & Collect support any other eCommerce platforms?
HUBBED supports custom integrations and is always working on new Click & Collect applications.
Contact us if you are using an application not listed and would like to offer Click & Collect

14. What do my customers need to do to collect a parcel from a HUBBED collection point?
Customers simply select HUBBED Click & Collect in your store shopping cart, search for a collection point and checkout.

15. How will customers know when a parcel is ready for collection?
Upon receipt of parcel delivery by your carrier provider to a HUBBED collection point. HUBBED will send a parcel collection notification by email and SMS to the consumer. The notification will contain a unique digital collection code for added security

16. What information do customers need to show when collecting a parcel?
The customer is simply required to present their HUBBED ID Code, digital collection PIN code and valid Government issued photo ID (E.g. Drivers licence, passport or proof of age card) to the HUBBED collection point

17. What if my customer misplaces the collection PIN code?
All HUBBED collection points can re-issue the digital collection PIN code to the customers mobile phone upon verifying the customers identity.

18. How long will a HUBBED collection point hold my customers parcel for?
Parcels will be held for a maximum period of 7 days from the date of delivery.

19. Will the customer be notified if they have not collected their parcel?
HUBBED will send 2 notifications to the customer. The first notification will be sent when the parcel is ready for collection. A reminder notification will be sent after 2 days.

20. What happens if my customer does not collect a parcel from a HUBBED location
After 7 days, the parcel will be returned to you, the merchant, at a cost of $9.95+gst AUD. Please contact HUBBED support if you wish for HUBBED to dispose of the item or send the parcel to an alternate location at your cost. 

21. Can another person collect a HUBBED Click & Collect parcel on behalf of the customer? 

Yes – The new recipient must bring with them a letter with the following information in order to collect from the HUBBED Location:

  1. Original recipient’s Full Name (Must match the parcel)
  2. Original recipient’s Address (Must match the parcel)
  3. HUBBED ID (Will be on the parcel)
  4. Recipient’s Signature
  5. Full Name of the Third Party who will be collecting the parcel

The new recipient must also have valid Government issues photo ID and mobile phone in order to collect the parcel. A new digital collection PIN code will be generated in store to the new recipient’s phone number

22. What happens when a HUBBED collection point cannot find my customers parcel?
Most likely, the parcel has not yet been delivered to the HUBBED collection point. The Agent in store will direct the customer to contact you, the merchant, to provide a tracking update to the customer

23. What happens when my customer advises you that the parcel at the HUBBED collection point has been damaged?
HUBBED Collection points will not accept damaged parcels – the parcel will remain with the carrier and the customer will be directed to contact you, the retailer.

24. Are deliveries to HUBBED Collection points insured?
HUBBED offers insurance for lost or damaged parcels up to the value of $150 with a $50 excess. 
Proof of purchase must be supplied with any insurance claim.

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