Returns – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HUBBED Returns?

HUBBED Returns is a complete Returns management platform for retailers. The service includes technology for Returns management with freight included.

2. Why HUBBED Returns?

Present a Returns experience for your customers that seamlessly works with your existing Returns process. With online booking and payment support, your consumers can generate a Return at home, package Returns parcel/s and drop-off to any HUBBED collection point.

3. What is included with HUBBED Returns?

The following is included with a HUBBED Returns subscription:

  1. Retailer branded Returns portal
  2. Returns label and freight
  3. Returns management dashboard with track and trace
  4. Customer notifications for Returns bookings and parcel drop-off to a HUBBED collection point

4. What size parcels can HUBBED collection points accept?

The maximum acceptable parcel size is approximately 120cm cubic dimensions, adding together the length, width and height. Which is about the size limit of airline carry-on luggage. Maximum weight is 10kg. Please refer to our parcel guidelines.

5. How do I sign-up for HUBBED Returns?

HUBBED Returns is an integration free solution enabling retailers to offer Returns via the HUBBED network within 30 minutes.

Simply sign up for HUBBED Returns, create your Returns portal, then add a link to the Returns portal on your website.

6. What is a network access fee?

This is a monthly fee to access the HUBBED Collection point network and license HUBBED Returns technology.

7.  What is included in the free trial offer?

Receive free network access for the first month as a new HUBBED Returns retailer. The maximum discount is $49.95 AUD. Parcel transaction fees still apply.

8. What is a parcel transaction fee?

This is a per parcel transaction fee to process and ship the Returns parcel from a HUBBED collection point to the retailer.

9. How are Returns charges billed?

Your chosen credit card will be charged on the first day of your subscription month for network access fees. Returns transaction fees are paid upfront by the customer with each Returns booking. 

10. How do I add HUBBED Returns to my website?

To use HUBBED Returns, you must be registered for a HUBBED account and subscribed for Returns.
You can then access HUBBED eCommerce to manage your Returns portal and Returns transactions.

11. What do my customers need to do to drop-off a Returns parcel to a HUBBED collection point?

The customer can simply drop-off a prepackaged parcel with a valid Returns label attached to their chosen HUBBED collection point

12. Can customers drop-off a Return parcel to any HUBBED collection point?

Yes, once the customer has booked the Return, packaged the item and attached a shipping label. They can drop-off the Returns parcel to any HUBBED location.

13. What if the customer has more than one parcel to return?

The customer must  complete a separate Returns booking for each parcel being dropped-off. If order the customers original order contains multiple packages that needs to be Returned, the customer is required to create a separate Returns booking and label for each parcel. Duplicate and/or previously used labels will not be accepted by the HUBBED collection point.

14. When can the customer drops-off the Returns parcel to a HUBBED location?

The customer can drop off the pre-packaged Returns anytime during the operating hours of their nearest HUBBED collection point.

15. How do I and my customers track HUBBED Returns?

You the retailer can track your customers Returns via the Returns management dashboard. Customers can track their return by visiting the HUBBED track parcel page. A link to the page is included in the parcel drop-off receipt the customer receives when they drop-off Returns to a HUBBED collection.

16. What if the customer requires packaging?

HUBBED collection points do not supply packaging and will only accept pre-packaged Returns parcels.

17. Can someone else drop off the customers Returns parcel?

Yes, anyone can drop off a pre-package Returns parcel to a HUBBED collection point as long it has a valid Returns label attached.

18. Does the customer receive a receipt when they drop off a Return parcel?

Yes, the customer will receive a drop-off receipt via email when the Return has been processed by the HUBBED collection point.

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