Is Click & Collect Right For Your Business?

What is Click and Collect’s meaning?

HUBBED Click & Collect is the alternative to the traditional Click and Collect, perhaps the better-looking sibling if you will.  

This service is tailored to retailers – especially e-commerce stores that don’t have a physical storefront – wanting to support the growing need of convenience in last mile delivery. Consumers value choice, convenience, and control in their parcel collection preferences. Click and Collect allows shoppers to pick up from the store it was purchased from.  

HUBBED Click & Collect differs in that rather collecting from the retailer, it enables shoppers to pick up from one of 3000 HUBBED locations – at participating BP, WOTSO, Pack & Send and independent local businesses. Open 24/7 and extended hours, schedules and commitments are left uninterrupted no matter which parcel point location is chosen – which is a key attraction for consumers.  

As a retailer, satisfying your consumers’ needs is the golden ticket to long-term success. 

The Rewards

  • Giving consumers the freedom of choice in delivery 
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Over 3000 Hubbed locations – selected based on strict compliance measures  
  • Digital collection PIN code 
  • Up to 7 days secure storage 
  • Gain sustainability credentials – the HUBBED Parcel Network is certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute of Australia  
  • Part of HUBBED’s Out of Home Network – cost efficient for both retailers and carriers 
Click here for more details on how Click & Collect works.

Industry & Consumer Insights

Australia’s online shopping industry is worth over $47 billion dollars – with the market size having grown 19.6% on average between 2017-2022 (Savvy 2022). On a global scale, 90.4% of global internet users are visiting online retail sites (Savvy 2022). Our report also revealed a high portion of consumers (70%) preferring to pick up from a location near home outside of business hours (The Growing Importance of Delivery Choice in the Ecommerce Industry). A factor that influences buying behaviour is parcel theft – with 63% of respondents worrying about parcels being taken from their homes in their absence.  

To read our full consumer report about delivery choice, click here.

Would Click and Collect Mean Business Success?

It’s no secret that consumers have a strong preference for online shopping and there is an unavoidable expectation for a convenient delivery option that isn’t home delivery. With Click and Collect, you are offering a solution that addresses multiple problems like delayed or missed deliveries and porch piracy – therefore, you are fulfilling fundamental customer pain points and creating satisfaction. This transcends to influence brand image and prospective revenue growth.  

Other Click & Collect details to consider: 

  • Parcel sizes 100cm in cubic dimensions  
  • 18kg or smaller parcels  
  • Domestic shipping only 

It’s clear that consumers are not only demanding better pricing or product quality – but also improved security, convenience, and choice in parcel collection.  

For customers, it’s as simple as adding their product to cart, selecting an accessible location, and picking up the parcel at a time suited to them.  

For you, it’s as simple as using our technology solution that is agnostic, seamless to use and convenient for all customers in last mile delivery.  

Elevate your business with HUBBED Click & Collect here.


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