Another COVID Christmas – How to avoid delivery delays
HUBBED news| 2 min read

We’ve gathered six key ways to reduce the strain for retailers in the lead up to the Christmas season, and how businesses can prepare for another COVID Christmas.

Diversification is key to the recovery of bricks and mortar retailers
HUBBED news| 2 min read

While many bricks and mortar retailers have been hit hard by the pandemic, there are ample opportunities to survive, and thrive, in this new age of ecommerce-driven retail.

Parcel collection networks offer retailers additional revenue
HUBBED news| 2 min read

According to the survey of 1005 Aussie shoppers, retailers who use collection point networks for customer deliveries are giving participating outlets a major secondary boost when customers go in to collect their parcels.

HUBBED Returns resolves Returns issues
HUBBED news| 2 min read

Returns is often recognised as a rather costly service for retailers, therefore Hubbed is launching Hubbed Returns.

What motivates Aussies to shop online?
HUBBED news| 3 min read

There are three major motivators for Australian shoppers to turn to e-commerce. A new report from HUBBED  investigates some of the determining influences for Aussie online shoppers.

HUBBED CEO talks through what’s instore for the rest of the year
HUBBED news| 3 min video

HUBBED CEO David McLean was recently featured on Ticker TV to give an overview of what’s instore for HUBBED for the upcoming year.