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Ecommerce Sustainability


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Ecommerce Sustainability

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About HUBBED Locations

Delivery Locations
  • Locations are selected based on HUBBED’s strict compliance measures
  • Safe and secure locations
  • Trained and professional store staff
  • Reduce delivery carbon emissions by almost 50%
  • Open 24/7 and extended hours
Ecommerce Sustainability
24/7 Petrol Convenience
Parcel Collection Network - HUBBED
Extended hours independent retail
Extended Hours Packaging Logistics
24/7 Co Working Space
Extended Hours independent Retail

Why Choose HUBBED?

HUBBED is the leading agnostic parcel collection point network in Australia.

  • Returns portal with payment gateway
  • Returns label and freight
  • Management dashboard
  • Customer notifications
  • 24/7 Merchant Support
  • No technical integration
  • Simple flat rate pricing
  • Never lose a return
  • Faster returns, happy customers

Parcel Guidelines

Maximum size is 100cm cubic dimensions (combining length, width and height) – which is about the size limit of airline carry-on luggage.

Maximum weight is 10kg.

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