our vision


  • Our vision is to transform the sustainability of last mile delivery.  
  • Our Network achieves this by helping carriers and retailers reduce the number of vehicle trips through consolidated deliveries – reducing congestion on the road and therefore carbon emissions. 
  • HUBBED is certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute of Australia.

online shoppers value sustainability in delivery

The majority (64%) of consumers surveyed in our 2022 research report say their purchase behaviour would be influenced by an e-commerce store that offered reduced C02 or lower carbon emission delivery options. Consumers have a higher propensity to buy from a retailer that offers delivery options with reduced carbon emissions. Most consumers also knew that picking up or dropping off a parcel from a pick up/drop off point is more sustainable for the environment than home delivery (42%). Our parcel collection network, enabled by technology, fulfils this fundamental consumer need and want.

sustainability in our network

Delivery density supports e-commerce sustainability. 

  • Carriers reduce their carbon footprint by almost half (up to 0.47kg C02e per kilometre) through delivery density to one location rather than several separate locations. 
  • Retailers can offer a sustainable delivery option to meet consumer demand. 
  • Consumers who choose our services makes consolidated deliveries frequent and therefore, less vehicle trips made to homes.  

Everyone that uses our parcel pick up & drop off network – carriers, retailers and consumers – are active in reducing carbon emissions in last mile delivery.