Make Parcel Returns Your Point of Difference

Marketing your Returns policy means you are addressing major consumer expectations around simple and safe parcel returns.  

One of the most effective ways you can gain consumer trust and loyalty – as well as entice new shoppers – is by leveraging your easy returns policy.   

Just like picking up a parcel from convenient parcel points at a flexible hour, every consumer values a return parcels service that allows for the same. Providing this means a seamless experience that can spur a lasting brand impression; as you are giving the online shopper the power to decide what time and where they can drop off their parcel. Consumer satisfaction is achieved as you are addressing pain points around the parcel returns process, such as 9-5 post office hours, parcel safety and more. 

92% of consumers will repurchase from the retailer if returns are straightforward.  

Offering a similar Delivery Returns service like HUBBED’s can fulfil consumers’ desire for choice, convenience, and control over their parcels. Having HUBBED Return Locations also makes it easy to return packages in their nearest location. Supporting these needs can encourage brand popularity, loyalty, and revenue growth.  

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The Consumer Preference for Convenience, Time and Location

Harnessing consumer fundamentals in your Returns can help attract more people to your business.  

Our research report found 44% of consumers finding the experience only ‘ok’ – which means there is still room for improvement for consumers’ returns experience. Furthermore, 61% say that they would rather do parcel drop-offs at a pick-up or drop-off (PUDO) point than wait for a courier (22%) or return in store (17%).  

What does this mean for you? The opportunity to provide a better Returns experience.  

Every shopper leads a specific lifestyle, and by accommodating different schedules and commitments, your brand can fulfill this need for flexible returns and offer a solution that’s easy for you and your consumers.  

However, to ensure consumers are aware of your parcel return service, you need to market your policy by simultaneously addressing consumer pain points and solving it within your messaging.   

Consumer Pain Points in Parcel Returns

Marketing is about identifying, addressing, and fulfilling consumer needs and wants. When it comes to parel returns, a major consumer concern is whether their item will be returned safely to the retailer – which can lead to cart abandonment or deter consumers from adding to the cart in the first place. Another pain point is finding the return or exchange policy on the website, with 33% reporting that as the reason for not purchasing from a retailer. This is where marketing your policy can become the solution to these problems. 

Offering this should include one or all the following elements to capture consumer demands:  

  1. Convenient and hassle-free 
  2. Sustainable  

Convenient For Any Lifestyle

Emphasizing the luxury of selecting a location most suited to the consumer gives them more controlIf you offer HUBBED Easy Returns or any similar thoughtful policiesyou can advertise it as being a hassle-free process. Convenience is achieved by providing consumers control over their HUBBED Returns location and timing preference for parcel drop-offs. Spotlighting features that directly target consumer demands, e.g. conveniencecan help gain the trust and satisfaction of new and existing consumers 

Sustainable Parcel Returns

If you are providing sustainable Returns optioncommunicating this aspect can appease eco-conscious consumers. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impacts of last-mile delivery on carbon emission generation. Research that surveyed 9 countries across the EU, the US, and Canada revealed 42% aged 25-34 made purchasing decisions based on the brand’s environmental impact. Since the HUBBED Network is certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute of Australia, Easy Returnis promoted as a way of reducing carbon emissions emitted via home delivery. The service enables consumers to drop off their returns at a HUBBED location versus single home delivery trips. Eco-conscious consumers can be reassured that their efforts to drop off are contributing to a greener e-commerce space.  


Marketing your Returns policy means you are addressing consumer expectations around simple and safe parcel returns. It also means you are valuing the post-purchase experience. Be seen as a retailer that meets consumer demands.  

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